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What type of merchandise can be purchased?

There is an expanded selection of merchandise available most of which is eligible for the program. 

Is the volume sales program open to all retailers?

Yes. Our service is available to all U.S. retailers and re-sellers including those based in Alaska and Hawaii.

Are there ineligible products?

All products are subject to individual distribution and licensing agreements. These terms and conditions are subject to change, and may prevent certain brands and/or products from qualifying. Please inquire when purchasing.

What type of discount should I expect?

Discounts will vary due to shipping requirements and product selection. All quotes will be handled on an individual basis to determine the most economical distribution and freight options. In most cases, we are able to successfully pass along freight savings through consolidated methods, when shipping to a single location.

Does the order have to consist of a single item?

Purchasing a mixed selection of products is an option. However, it may not be the most economical option due to the additional time and labor required to assemble these types of orders.

Do you have the ability to ship to multiple locations?

Yes. However, this will not yield an additional freight savings. Please inquire with your account manager when purchasing.

What is the best way to maximize savings?

The more efficiently we can process a large order, the bigger the savings. Items are generally sold in quantities of 50 or more. Other merchandise may also require minimum-order thresholds. Please inquire when purchasing.

Is it allowable to use Elaine's Fragrances branding or logo?

No. The unauthorized use of branding or logo in conjunction with an individual's selling practices is a direct violation of our intellectual property.

Is my order tax exempt?

The required sales tax exemption documentation should be faxed or emailed with your initial order. At this time, we regret that the website is unable to electronically facilitate this process. Therefore, please inquire with your account manager when purchasing so we can process manually.

Is there a department to handle exports?

Not at this time.

Is there a general customer service email?

If you are in need of any further assistance regarding your order, such as missing or damaged units, final invoices, questions regarding tracking information or bill of lading, please contact us.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM PST. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and U.S. holidays.

Volume Order Agreement

I agree and understand that volume purchases are not for foreign export and is designated for domestic sale and/or use only. Due to the nature of the volume order and any discounts associated with this request, I further agree and acknowledge that my order will not be covered under our return policy unless the product is delivered damaged and the following conditions are met:

1. We must be made aware of any damage within 72 hours of accepting delivery of the order .
2. Prices quoted are subject to payment in full within 3-days and inventory is based on availability at the time of payment. Prices are subject to change without notice.
3. You understand and agree that any makeup, hair and skin care item(s) being purchased as part of their order will not have guaranteed code dating. The shelf life may vary by item and will not be guaranteed as a condition of this sale.

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